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# craggy island creamery
Pat Mustard's milk float is for sale on DoneDeal
Under no circumstances should it be driven into a big pile of boxes.

SPOTTED A NICE motor for sale on DoneDeal there if you’re looking for one?

DoneDeal DoneDeal

Fair turn of speed on this one though. According to the description:

Milk float for sale, good working order, some yoke to go around roundabouts in the wet, features Craggy Island cruise control (brick on the accelerator).

Drives like a dream:

It’s great for the ladies too, apparently.

The moths only love this yoke, she’s seen more action than a Mrs Doyle’s teapot.

MrHick726 / YouTube

We can’t help notice that this isn’t the REAL Pat Mustard’s milk float. The design is a bit… smaller. Maybe it’s an updated compact model.

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