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9 ways Paddy's Day changes as you get older

Everything has changed.


1. Then… it was a day to roam the streets looking for craic

St. Patrick's Day, Dublin Source: LenDog64

Now… it’s just another day off


2. Then… you’d go out, maybe in to watch the parade, with a few cans

Galway - St Patrick's Day / Barnacles / Galway Hostel Source: Barnacles Hostels

Now… you’re in work at seven in the morning so you better catch an early night

tumblr_n2xoxm0qLA1sgl0ajo1_500 Source: Tumblr

3. Then… you’d paint your face green, maybe wear something

St. Patrick's Day is coming!!! Two days!! ;) #Ireland #Killarney #patricksday #Festival #twodays #Aupairs Source: crizty2910

Now… you’re doing well to get out of your pajamas

11.30.14-Puppies-in-Jammies1 Source: Lifewithdogs

4. Then… town was the PLACE TO BE

Pink teddy baby Source: Rob Hurson

Now… think of all those people, UGH

St. Patrick's Day, Dublin Source: LenDog64

5. Then… it was a day was for the booze

st.patrick's day, galway Source: r_mal

Now… Isn’t it a disgrace how Paddy’s day is all about the booze?

- you, to anyone who will listen.

Paddys day a little bit early #birthday #paddy #patricksday Source: mel81x

6. Then… it wasn’t the same to celebrate on your day off

tumblr_n2lm6i4dAa1sic6olo1_250 Source: Tumblr

Now… Will we go for a few on Wednesday night instead?

pub Source: wolfsavard

7. Then, you say, Kiss me, I’m actually Irish!

St. Patrick's Day Parade - Kiss My *** Source: infomatique

Now… Excuse me can you get out of my personal space?

tumblr_ntqm31BUBg1sioy56o1_500 Source: Tumblr

8. Back in the day… you’d be excited to go in to watch the parade

Patrick St #2 Source: Rob Hurson

Now… it just messes up your plans with those traffic restrictions

St. Patrick's Day In Dublin Source: infomatique

9. Then… it was a day to be super proud to be Irish



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