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Here's how you get your Paul Hollywood name

Watch and learn.

Paul Hollywood OCD reports Source: PA Wire/PA Images

PAUL HOLLYWOOD IS the owner of the most showbiz name in the world.

This is a fact.

And now, Irish Twitter heavyweight Alan Maguire has devised an ingenious/simply way to come up with your very own Paul Hollywood name.

So, to recap…

Untitled Source: Imgur/Flickr

And the results so far are as delightful as you’d expect, mostly because everyone’s Paul Hollywood name sounds like a character in a bad 80s movie.

Some DailyEdge.ie contributions?

  • Ger Miami
  • Pat Amsterdam
  • Simon Venice
  • Seamus San Francisco
  • Oliver Hamptons

What’s your Paul Hollywood name?

(h/t Alan Maguire for inspiring this glorious game.)

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