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# boyfriend material
12 times Penneys knickers had no chill
It’s an epidemic.

PENNEYS’ UNDERWEAR SECTION is the wild west of underwear sections, often throwing up some special ‘treats’.

1. Apart from looking like a questionable fit, they also beg the question, WHY?

2. Celebrity Juice and its cast has no business being on your crotch


#BangTidy #PrimarkPants letitiab92 letitiab92

4. There’s an uneasy feeling that comes with displaying the names of cutesy Disney characters on your thong

5. Harry Styles says hi, every time you use the loo

6. Slytherin where?

Everybody needs comedic pants!! And I finally found the Slytherin ones!!! Wooooo!!! #Burlesque #BurlesquePerformer #AlternativeBurlesquePerformer #TalishaBelle #Primark #PrimarkPants #DispicableMe #TheLittleMermaid #HarryPotter #Slytherin #Geek #Nerd #Shopping #Southampton #Pants talishabelle talishabelle

6. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean you have to make it into some hipsters, Penneys

7. So much to register here

BjRaG9fCMAA8L35 Valerie Loftus Valerie Loftus

8. Ghosts do not belong there

Byx8GX6IYAAyxjr xTootieFrootiex xTootieFrootiex

9. * Gives up*

10. No likey these pants

AwPHaj3CAAAE5_4 CharlottieeeC CharlottieeeC

11. Be reem without these pants, TOWIE fans

A43NKNXCEAImdFm KatieAnn_O KatieAnn_O

12. Imagine it. You meet a lovely guy, you hit it off, you take him home, and this is on your arse

BhgpUcJIYAMApA1 vickiannandx vickiannandx

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