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Pensioner tears up after his late wife's deleted voicemail is recovered

There are no more whole onions left in the room.

PENSIONER STAN BEATON thought he’d lost the sound of his late wife’s voice after Virgin Media deleted her 10-year-old answer message following an upgrade to his phone.

Well, BBC Radio Leeds contacted the company and they were only happy to get it back to him. His reaction to hearing the recording again is absolutely heartbreaking.

Source: BBC Radio Leeds/YouTube

He told BBC Radio Leeds:

I’ve always resisted changing companies because whenever I mentioned that my wife’s voice was our voicemail message and would it be retained and each company said no, so that’s why I never changed. Sadly it disappeared. I was absolutely devastated by it, but also extremely angry.In the early days [I listened to it] quite often. Basically, it came to the point when if I felt low then I would listen to it.

A team of 11 over at Virgin eventually recovered the message, which they say was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

“They’ve made this old age pensioner extremely happy.”

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