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checkin' in

The 7 types of people on social media at the weekend

And we caaaan’t stop.

IT’S THE FREAKIN’ weekend, baby we’re about to have us some fun.

Well, unless you’re using social media.

1. The staying-in crowd

They’re just chillin’ with their hubby after a long week and they deserve it. Their words, not ours.

10616652_888374634524231_1040215481_n sophia_reina sophia_reina

In case you don’t believe them, they’ll provide photographic evidence and might even check in to their comfy sofa. The hardcore relaxers might even demonstrate their snack and DVD game.

925056_734874973252939_1512313054_n riko6888 riko6888

Now. Now you can sleep easy.

2. The one who’s soooo bored

They’re so bored, wish they’d gone out tonight, stuck in, broke etc. So now they’re taking to all social media platforms to vent.

That’s solved it.


3. The check-in compulsive

They’re out on the lash and are determined to let their social media following know their EVERY move. If they don’t check in, will they really have ever been there at all?


4. The drunk tweeter

Reams and reams and reams of tweets come flowing out around 3am, in quick succession. Not surprisingly, all are deleted the next morning in a fit of the Fear.

N3hFS0z Imgur Imgur

We were enjoying that story about bumping into your ex, to be fair.


5. The liker

Everything is so great, especially after a drink. That photo their friend put up of their dinner is great. Like.

A status about how bored they are? Great. Like.

That dull link someone shared in an attempt to look intelligent? Like.

The only loser here is you, as these also are right up in your feed now.


6. The hider

Appear offline so that noone will know they’re lurking around Facebook at 10pm on a Saturday. But we really do know. We saw you liking that status.

Sure look, anyone who can see you is on themselves.


7. The Saturday TV commentator

They’re staying in and PROUD. The X Factor or Late Late is on and they are spewing their opinion on every incident.

Time of our lives. #xfactor, #latelate

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