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# Picture this
Passing strangers share the last photo taken on their phone
Em, let us just delete that one first.

WE CAN’T SAY that we’d be too on-board with this question. All for completely innocent reasons of course.

Ivan Cash travels from city to city to compile his photo series ‘Last Photo’. The San Francisco filmmaker approaches random strangers to see if they’ll show and explain the last photo they took on their phone.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Ivan says that the project is a lot of work, but completely worth it. He gets rejected quite a bit but when things go well, it can be “magical”.

Cash has already hit New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and hopes to eventually take it around the world.

Some answers were amusing




Others were revelatory



But this woman and her husband’s gravestone… we just can’t


What’s your last photo? And would you show it to a complete stranger? Think about THAT one.

You can watch all the videos over on Cash’s website, for some selfies, weed and duck-taped cakes.

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