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People were heartbroken watching this week's episode of First Dates

Angie shared the harrowing story of how she grew up in an industrial school.

WHEN THERE’S A pair of older daters on First Dates, it almost feels like a completely different show.

With so many (literal) teenagers on the show in the last few weeks, as well as people in their mid-twenties who seem like they only want go on the show for pre drinks before they head to Coppers, it’s nice to see some people seriously looking for love.

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So viewers were immediately drawn to Angie.

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I love a laugh. I’m always up to devilment.

Despite Angie’s big smile, viewers learned that she had been through a lot over the course of her life. She came on the show looking for a relationship after 10 years of being single. Angie told First Dates that she was finally ready to meet somebody after the death of her husband 10 years ago.

I’d love to fall in love again. Make someone happy, and someone to make me happy.

Excuse us for a minute.

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 It wasn’t just Angie’s relationship history that had viewers emotional, either.

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Angie made the incredibly brave decision to speak out about her childhood. She shared the story of how her mother was raped when she was 16, became pregnant and ended up in a Magdalene laundry for fifteen years. Angie was taken away and sent to an industrial school.

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Angie was finally reunited with her mother when she was 16. Neither of them had ever been told whether the other was.

It never leaves you. To think of the suffering that she went through. The suffering that I went through, because she had a baby.

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Angie was eager to find a match on last night’s First Dates.

I can give so much. I can make somebody happy. That’s all I want in life. Just to be happy.

And boy, were we all rooting for her.

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Despite everything Angie’s been through, she was an absolute delight and it was hard not to smile at her constant laughter.

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She had told First Dates she was looking for an older man. They matched her up with a retired truck driver from Drimnagh. His name was Denis, but everybody called him Dinny (after the character from Glenroe).

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They immediately hit it off. Look at that smile.

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It was hard not to love the pair of them.

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So everybody was absolutely delighted for them at the end of the episode…

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