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# hugday
10 facts of life for people who hate hugging
Worst time of the year.

IT’S NATIONAL HUG Day. Disaster if you’re not fond of hugs.

1. Why do people even hug?

Oh hey, let me touch my body against yours.

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2. You have failed to distinguish how long a hug should last for

Is it different with levels of familiarity or WHAT? Someone should make a chart.

I'm pretty sure this is my exact reaction when people try to hug me. #DontTouchMe #RespectTheAndreaBubble #AwkwardGirlLife andrea.lynnn andrea.lynnn

3. You don’t mind being hugged by friends and or animals

Just not… everyone else.

4. Basically, don’t touch

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5. Drunk hugs are the WORST


6. You have a thing against overly huggy people


And the winner of the creepiest email of the day goes to these guys. No thanks, Groupon. #freehugs #nationalfreehugday #donttouchme #groupon #creeping #hisarmsaresolong #badbeard #whatevenisthatsmile #nope isabellajane23 isabellajane23

7. You have a special level of hate for those who turn a handshake into a hug


8. You’re not tryna be mean, you just want everyone to avoid this pain

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9. Asking ‘where is my hug?’ is the worst crime of all

10. Have to comfort someone? Nooooo


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