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12 people who've got some serious explaining to do

Well. Start talking.

ERM, IT’S NOT what it looks like.

No. Don’t make it worse.

Ydn4ISz Source: Imgur

1. These couples, who seriously need a sit-down

McASa2e Source: Imgur


BDnTi Source: Imgur


she_has_some_explaining_to_do_big Source: Owned

4. The guy who took this tea into work

n3KHI Source: Imgur

5. This driver

Excuse me sir, what are you doing?


6. These news anchors who just aren’t giving us the full story


7. THIS guy

funny-wtf-picture-unrelated-9 Source: Break.com

8. Subway, speak up

We’ve been fooled for too long.

GO1G5 Source: Imgur

9. This mother who has done her explaining

BJiDptX Source: Imgur

2Qau32h Source: Imgur

10.  Where’s my car?

IUQaQvL Source: Imgur

11. Oh OK, at least you kept my bike safe

you-cant-explain-that-dumpaday-16 Source: Dumpaday

12. And of course, we’re still waiting for this guy to speak up

what-the-2 Source: Viralnova


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