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The 9 types of people you're definitely friends with on Snapchat

The app turns three today.

SNAPCHAT, THE INSTANT self-destructing messenger turns three years old today, and Irish people are still as obsessed as they day they downloaded it.

Here are nine people definitely on your friends list.

1. The obsessive

They haven’t moved since 2012 without Snapchatting it to everyone on their contacts list.

teamsnapchat Source: Zagg-blog

2. The mute

You Snapchat them constantly and they view them all, but never reply. A lesser person would call them a creeper, but you just keep sending those selfies.


3. The storyteller

All those notifications. No. Stop.


They’re never even GOOD.

sna Source: Edgecast

4. The selfie happy

They use Snapchat for no other purpose than to distribute selfie after selfie to the widest possible audience.


5. The most interesting person in the world

What’s their deal? This person is so interesting and exciting that you actually look forward to their notifications. In fact, where do you sign the petition to get them their own TV show?

Posted-on-RoyrReid.ca-Rich-Kids-Snapchat-4 Source: Royreid

6. The randomer

How exactly do you know this person? Well, they added you and you didn’t say no. You’re kinda invested in their lives now though so can’t delete them.


7. The screenshot enthusiast

They’re constantly waiting there with their finger on the screenshot button, ready to pounce.

sshotsnap Source: Softonic

8. The yapper

These types have complete conversations with snaps and just take things to the absolute limits of social convention. JUST TEXT.


9. The gas ticket

The best kind of friend to have.

efa Source: KnowYour Meme

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