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12 things you know to be true if your pet rules the household

The rule the roost and our hearts too.

OUR PETS ARE the love of our lives. They’re also the love of our parents lives, much to the detriment of many of our familial relationships.

We all know that pets are much cuter than humans but sometimes it feels like people would much prefer to hang out with your pet than you. Don’t take it personally, your pet is just much more interesting than you.

Here’s 12 things you know if you’re pet rules the roost.

1. People constantly mix up your name with the pet’s name.

My dad once said ‘Rachel deserves a seat at the dinner table’. When I reminded him that I was currently sitting at the dinner table he said ‘Oh I meant the dog’. Charming.

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2. The pet always comes first no matter what the situation.

You could trip over your dog and break your leg and your parents would still check how the dog is first, yell at you for tripping over the dog before asking you how you are and if you need an ambulance.

3. Your family bends over backwards for the pet’s diet.

Your mother can never remember that you’re a vegetarian even though you’ve been one for 10 years but she can remember every way every pet you’ve ever had like their food.

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4. Your parents make too many jokes about the inheritance going to the pet.

‘Ah sure what would you need money? Sure the dog needs it more than you. You don’t need a housing deposit’. PARENTS PLEASE.

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5. The pet breaks everything and never gets into trouble.

Your cat could destroy your mother’s favourite pair of shoes and they’d still look at it like the sun shines out of its arse. Meanwhile you put one hot drink on the wooden table without a coaster and your parents are threatening to kick you out.

6. The pet is allowed everywhere.

The dog was never supposed to be allowed on the couch or on the bed and yet lo and behold, there they are practically snuggled up with a hot cup of tea and a newspaper. Smug bastard.

7. Your family would rather talk to the pet than you.

‘Whose a good girl? Whose is my number one girl? Whose the girl I love most in the world?’. Spoiler alert: It is the pet. Second spoiler alert: They know more than you too.

8. Even if it’s not your pet you’re still under their thumb.

It could be your neighbours dog, your roommates goldfish, your aunt’s pet lizard or a random stray and you’ll still do anything and everything for them because they’re just so damn CUTE.

9. God forbid a non-family member who slags off your pet.

Yes they’re badly behaved and yes they did piss all over your room but only you are allowed to point out their flaws!

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10. Because at the end of the day, your pet is perfect.

Sometimes they’re the only thing that can cheer you up and frankly we don’t deserve pets in general.

11. And above all we relate to them way more than we should.

They do always say the longer you have a pet, the more you start to look like them. Or at least take on their traits.

12. Good or bad.

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