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10 pets who just wanted to help you study

They tried, bless them.

TIME IS RUNNING out. We don’t want to alarm you, but your state exams start on Wednesday. That’s seriously soon. If we were you, we’d be totally freaking out right now.

Worry not, though. This lot are on hand to help.

1. You can do it

poOjX Source: Imgur

2. Let me get a better view

S2IJTvX Source: Imgur

3. We can do this together

rnZpF5c Source: Imgur

4. Look, I got you a pen

4qEkDCD Source: Imgur

5. Wanna take a break to play with me?

aGifq Source: Imgur

6. No, seriously

MqozIkg Source: Imgur

7. This is boring

VasqqGe Source: Imgur

8. Just stop. Who needs college?

CQFeW Source: Imgur

9. This is my bed now

XUM16 Source: Imgur

10. Good luck

ZMVYT Source: Imgur

Just a bear in a hammock, chillin’ like a villain>

Dad and daughter lip-sync the most adorable Disney duet>

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