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dishing the dirt

Couples have been sharing their pettiest arguments ever and it's glorious

So much petty dirt.

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NO MATTER HOW happy you are as a couple there will always be those hilariously petty arguments that pop up from time to time.

Looking back on the absurdity of them from a distance is also great craic.

So, when this Reddit thread was started this week - asking people what their pettiest argument with their SO was – the answers were always going to be gold.

Like She_Likes_Cloth here, who has one little problem with the relationship:

itv2 Twitter Twitter

She watches the non-HD channels, even though we get them in HD. I have a mini aneurism every time I see it

And chveya was going to save this lad money, but noooo:

tumblr_mqate76dgn1sp9fcho1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

Talking about a future engagement. I insisted I didn’t want a diamond ring. He insisted that I would in fact want a diamond ring.
Like, buddy, I’m saving you some money here. Let me win this one.

Ill_shoot_anything had a lot to live up to:

Kim Kardashian FDA Warning AP / Press Association Images AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

I once got into a fight with my girlfriend because Kim Kardashian got engaged, and I hadn’t proposed to her yet.

VanessaSoIll has one simple request:

giphy Giphy Giphy

The laundry basket is RIGHT THERE, HOW DO YOU MISS THAT?!

And annoyingone details an argument that Tom Petty himself would be proud of, such is its pettiness:

That she is still mad at me about something I did 9 years ago. She doesnt remember what but she knows she is mad. Our argument was that I said she no longer is allowed to mad or hold it over my head because she cant remember why. She argued she still can be she remembers being mad about it then and still is mad.
Basically we argued about the validity of a past argument.


AsthmaticMechanic tells a tale of wedded bliss. Well, nearly:

All that remained quinn.anya quinn.anya

Pizza cutters.
Before we got married she went to a store with her mom to set up a registry. Apparently they just hand you a scanner and you go crazy, scanning everything in sight. When I looked at what she had chose I flipped out because there werehundreds of items on the list. Like, what the fuck? Did you pick everything in the damn store? So I start looking through the list and there are not one, but two pizza cutters. “When have we ever needed even one pizza cutter”, I ask incredulously.
Anyway, our friends get word of this and, since they’re assholes, we end up with both the pizza cutters on the list and one that wasn’t even on the list. Yes I now have three pizza cutters. We still argue about it to this day.

YeOldDrunkGoat - we’ve all been there:

giphy Giphy Giphy

One of my ex’s and I ruined an entire evening arguing about the noise she made while sneezing.

Well, maybe not.  

EmperorZoltan is 100% right about her boyfriend here:

frustrated-kat Akkarbakkar Akkarbakkar

So someone asks what Tony Curtis was up to, and I said “Tony Curtis died”. So my SO said “Did he?” and I said “Yes, he did.” And he said “Really? I’m not sure about that…” and I said “Well I am” and he said “I’m not so sure” and I said “I’m telling you Tony Curtis is dead” and he said “Let’s check the internet” and I said “We don’t need to check the internet I’m telling you he’s dead” and he said “lets just check though”

And finally, elevenghosts wins the most petty argument of all:

Kettle ☺ Lee J Haywood ☺ Lee J Haywood

How low the Brita filter pitcher needs to be before it should be filled again.

Ah yes. Bliss.

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