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Girl gives most amazing reaction face ever during Pharrell Williams surprise

Because she’s Happy.

YOU’RE JUST SITTING down, minding your own business, enjoying some drinks with friends, when suddenly a Happy flashmob descends on the place.

“What’s all this?” you think to yourself, thinking people are just gas.


Suddenly, your musical idol Pharrell Williams bursts through the crowd


and your reaction is, quite simply, perfect:


Holly Addison’s surprise visit is part of ITV’s new series of Surprise Surprise, where host Holly Willoughby treats an unsuspecting person to the shock of their lives.

She was nominated by her friend Lauren for all the work she’s done fundraising after her dad’s death from a rare form of cancer last year.

She was so shocked when she first saw Pharrell that the actually tried to hide from him, as if he was some kind of menace.


H/T to @RyanJL 

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