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16 photos that will make you do a major double take


1. No, this woman hasn’t been bulking up in the gym.

T3s08 Source: Imgur

2. Nope, that woman’s head does not belong to that body.

I had to look twice. Source: Imgur

3. Nope, these men aren’t all missing a leg.

QejE4 Source: Imgur

4. Nope, that man is not touching that girls’ shoulder.

YtSQSjq Source: Imgur

5. Nope, that woman’s head isn’t too big for her body.

9OjiIkF Source: Imgur

(Chalk it down to dress proportions against a dark background.)

6. Nope, that man is not sitting on that woman’s back.

bSGJy Source: Imgur

7. We appreciate that this doesn’t quite make sense at first, but it’s just a woman giving her boyfriend a piggy back.

WPT1Izs Source: Imgur

8. Nope, this baby doesn’t have the face of a grown man.

54mgp Source: Imgur

9. Nope, this isn’t a tiny woman perched on this man’s shoulder.

l4gSTNs Source: Imgur

10. Nope, there’s actually nothing strange going on here at all.

fYPAJ Source: Imgur

11. Nope, we haven’t been invaded by cheeky-looking cartoon cars.

10cpMPM Source: Imgur

(It’s just a clever decal.)

12. Nope, that isn’t a dog with a human body.

q5ctK Source: Imgur

13. Nope, this guy is not holding his other half in his hand.

Uk2lKEd Source: Imgur

14. Nope, this person does not have a Barbie body.

XjeGVsW Source: Imgur

15. Nope, Andy Murray doesn’t carry around a little old man in his gear bag.

yfn56YE Source: Imgur

16. And finally, these guys are not joined at the waist.

Corduroy magic. Source: Imgur

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