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# Pig

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# Ham
Quiz: How much do you know about ham?
# walshunit
This Limerick comedian's reimagining of a foul-mouthed Irish Peppa Pig is brilliant
# pretty irish girl
This was every Irish girl's favourite comeback growing up
Flawless. *flicks hair*
# Where's sue?
The man from the Vodafone pig ad was in Game of Thrones last night
Donal? Is that you?
# hell no
Last night's Late Late audience couldn't cope with how sausages are made
Oh dear.
# hell no
Last night's Late Late audience couldn't cope with how sausages are made
Oh dear.
# that'll do pig
Republic of Telly has ripped the piss out of THAT Vodafone pig ad
“You don’t know anything about looking after pigs, do you?”
# ethics
Chinese scientists want to sell these teensy genetically-engineered pigs as pets
However, it’s not yet known how their health will be impacted by the process.
# bae of pigs
Here's what David Cameron has to say about claims he got too close to a pig
Will he sue?
Terrifying but tiny - this whale-eating shrimp has been discovered in Irish waters
The shrimp was first discovered off the south-west coast.
# pigs will run
'You're a fool. You're a gobsh**e. You're a pig yourself'
A fight has broken out over a famous pig race in Arklow.
# sixth sense
Here's how a chicken could one day save thousands of lives
Or a fish, board, or even a toad.
# in shite
Can you guess what this smug pig just did in a police car?
Happy as a pig in…
# oink
Giggles the micro pig is running for mayor
Let’s hope she doesn’t tell any porkies during her campaign,
# that'll do pig
Video: Amy the pig is fetching, dancing and playing the piano at dog shows
Move over Babe – this is real.
# crackling rosie
People are complaining about this pig who's just trying to raise money for children
‘Crackling Rosie’ will be auctioned off in a few weeks to raise money for children who have suffered brain damage.
# mmmfff
This tiny pig sliding on the ice is just....
It’s just so…
# only in ireland
The 22 most Irish things that happened in 2014
Riverdance lads, the Waterford pig, the ice-cream van…
# Blow
Mario Balotelli's pig barred from entering Britain
The Italy international must register himself as a breeder and provide a certificate of health.
# plucky porker
Runaway pig goes on 'rampage' at Waterford street festival
Four legs good…
# pork scratchings
Cute pig 'faints' dramatically while having its head scratched
Feels good, man.
# esther the wonder pig
Her owners thought she was a micro-pig... but Esther's now 240kg and has raised $400k
This pet ‘Wonder Pig’ sparked a fundraising campaign to build an animal sanctuary.
# the great pigscape
Hero pig makes amazing leap to freedom from slaughterhouse truck
We are all this pig.
# mmfwha
You WISH someone had woken you up like this today
*sniff* *sniff* COOKIE?
# oinkredible
Unlucky GoPro camera falls out of plane, lands in pig pen, gets chewed by pig
Now THAT’S what I call an incredible journey.
# oink oink
What are all these wild boars* doing running around Ireland?
*Spoiler: They’re actually feral pig-hybrids. We’re sorry to disappoint you.
# pig out
Police investigate reports of "screaming" from house, find pigs having sex
Terrible crime being committed? No. Just one very happy pig.
# that'll do pig
Ridiculously photogenic pig owns this #felfie
#Felfie = Farm selfie
# viva mexico!
Sombreros look better on animals, and these photos prove it
They’re just really into celebrating Mexican culture.
# bacon hot
Farmer builds waterslide to keep pigs cool
He wins.
# Not-so-manic Monday
VIDEO: Just a baby goat dancing on a huge pig
Here’s looking at you, (literal) kid.
# wiglet
Cheer yourself up with this baby pig enjoying a bath
Listen to the noises he’s making! Happy Monday.
# friday friday
Happy Friday, here's a piglet in a wheelchair
This is Chris P Bacon. That’s really his name.
# Hands Up
'Lance is perfectly comfortable; his conscience is clear' - Armstrong attorney
American lawyer Sean Breen described the under-fire cyclist as ‘a freak’ but believes his reputation will not be tarnished.
# Farming
Sample DNA testing of pigmeat begins
The testing is to expose misleading labelling of meat, the Irish Farmers’ Association has said.
# bacon porn
Drink up: Your bacon is getting cold
Today is International Bacon Day. Break out the weird and wacky recipes.
# release of the day
Unexpected CSO Release of the Day
Did you know there are 1,570,600 pigs in Ireland? You do sow, sorry, now.