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University forced to cancel exams after pigeons invade hall

All the more time to study.

WHERE WERE THEY when we were taking our exams, eh?

Hundreds of students in Bangor University will have to retake their exams due to pigeons that hijacked their exam hall.

The university has issued an apology to the 224 third year law students after the incident in Pritchard Jones Hall yesterday morning which saw them cancel the exam and hour after the birds started flying around and making noise.

Exchange student Kyle Gauvin was taking his 3110 International Law of Human Rights exam, and told student newspaper Seren that the noise proved too distracting to continue.

There were two pigeons that somehow got in the room and they were on top of the organs in the back of the room and would not just shut up. I guess a few people complained and then they ended the exam.

A spokeswoman for the University said students taking other papers in the hall were moved, but the law students exams have since been rescheduled.

A likely cause seems to be missing windows in the hall, brought to the University’s attention by a student on Instagram last week.

@prifysgolbangoruniversity do you know there are window panes missing? Source: joeosseus

Students weren’t exactly happy about it, especially Kyle, who’s had to leave to go back to the states.

When it was announced that the exam was cancelled until further notice there were no other words to describe it other then frustration. It would make sense to try and stay for the exam, but not at the cost of making completely new arrangements for flights and trains for tomorrow. Hopefully there will be some way that I can take it when I get back state side.

The VP Education & Welfare run off his feet with enquiries about the ridiculous fowl play.

One of the pigeons has since opened its own Twitter account, offering services for more interruptions for unprepared candidates.

Don’t be getting any ideas, students of Ireland.

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