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# Coronavirus
Covid-19: Pink tests positive for virus and slams US testing capacity
The singer said it was a ‘travesty’ that wider testing was not available in the US.
# Carey Hart
Pink's husband 'poked the parent police bear' by sharing footage of his daughter with a rifle
“Started her shooting at 3.”
# quote me
Pink might have predicted Kanye West would act the gowl nine years ago
It’s a pity nobody listened.
# JT for Pink
Justin Timberlake tells media to 'make up some fodder about somebody who's half-assin' it'
‘Shine on, sis!’
# Noughties throwback
18 years on: 7 random observations about Pink's 'There You Go' video
Something to ponder.
# Pink
Pink's calling out paps who accused her of flaking on gigs to "chill" on the beach
The singer cancelled a concert in Sydney this week.
# together for yes
Pink is the latest celeb to call for a Yes vote in the upcoming referendum on the Eighth Amendment
She joins an ever-growing list.
# Pink
A look at how Pink was basically the Jacqueline Wilson of pop music in the early 2000s
There’s no doubt that there was an overlap between fans of Jacqueline Wilson and Pink.
# Pink
People are praising Pink for getting through her Superbowl performance with the flu
Josh Groban said the performance was “goals”
# females in music
Female musicians are firing back at the Grammy president after he told them to 'step up' to win
Well this turned into a massive shitshow.
13 moments you might have missed from last night's American Music Awards
Rita Ora was not wearing a robe. Repeat: not wearing a robe.
# Pink
Pink has shared her opinions about Dr. Luke following Kesha's legal battle with the producer
As you’d expect, she didn’t have anything positive to say.
# love yourself
Here's why everyone is talking about Pink's inspiring speech to her daughter at last night's VMAs
“And I said to her, “Do you see me growing my hair?” She said, “No mama.”
# just girly things
11 everyday items that women are FINALLY able to buy
Lucky us!
# dayglo
This Siberian lake has just turned bright pink a couple of months early
Lake Burlinskoye turns a bright pink colour in hot temperatures due to an overload of tiny shrimp.
# Pink
People are not impressed with these 'patronising' pink pencils for girls
# world of celebs
Johnny Depp's dogs are in a heap of trouble with Australia... it's The Dredge
All the best of the day’s celebrity DURT.
# p!nk
Pink just excellently shut down bodyshaming comments with a single tweet
Love, cheesecake.
# lord hair
Belfast's Lord Mayor dyes hair pink for Giro D'Italia... your move Dublin
QUICK! Someone get Oisin Quinn to a hairdressers!
# Lovin' it
McDonald's explain why so many chicken nuggets look like Ireland
Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your McNuggets.
# shamone
This trippy video of flamingoes dancing to Michael Jackson will certainly make you smile
The way you make-a me feel…
# sluggish
Giant flourescent pink slug discovered in Australia
The 1980s called and they want their slug back.
# g'wan pink
The 5 Pink songs we forgot we really loved
She’s in Dublin today and she’s got alot of songs you’d know.
# Friday Slideshow
It's Friday so here's a slideshow of flamingos from around the world
They’re pink. They stand on one leg. They fly. They have babies.
# wallace says no
Mick Wallace erects giant pink Vote No banner on Dublin restaurant
The Independent TD has hung the eye-catching banner on a property in his Italian Quarter on Dublin’s north quays.
# Alicia Keys
Bobby Brown leads tributes to Whitney Houston
Houston’s former husband spoke of the late star during a concert last night, as singers Mariah Carey and Pink paid tribute on Twitter.
# Ouch!
Pink left black and blue after stunt mishap
A live gig in Germany is cut short after the singer takes a tumble.