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11 everyday items that women are FINALLY able to buy

Lucky us!

THE #MASCULINITYSOFRAGILE hashtag has done a lot to highlight what brands think men want, but what do they think women are into? Pink. Lots of pink.

Today, TV3 launched a new ‘female-orientated’ channel called Be3, which features pink branding and promises to show reruns of soaps and programmes like Loose Women and Benidorm.

It’s the latest addition to the pink pantheon of Stuff For Gals, along with all of these…

Pens for her

61jUCppL4ZL._SL1158_ Source: Amazon

What were you doing before Bic For Her? Writing with men’s pens? You poor thing.

And lighters for her

tumblr_n0xxkgknfD1tp3vibo1_500 Source: unnecessarilygenderedproducts.tumblr.com

That’s Miss Bic to you.

Pink ice scrapers

pinkice Source: Amazon

At last, women can de-ice their cars while maintaining their femininity.

Pink tool kits

pink-tool-box Source: Wordpress


And a pink Lady Hammer

tumblr_n9utaf2QfK1tp3vibo1_500 Source: unnecessarilygenderedproducts.tumblr.com

Not an 80s hair metal band, but a real product!

Pink sellotape

tumblr_mz3hrdg5301tp3vibo1_500 Source: unnecessarilygenderedproducts.tumblr.com

Relieved and grateful that women are being well represented in the world of adhesives.

And Pritt Stick

pink pritt Source: easons.com

For scrapbooking and decoupage ONLY. Absolutely not to be used for any mischief or pranks. Use the boys’ glue for that.

Pink tea

A bit of pink chamomile to help you calm down there love. Reduces shrillness by up to 90%!

Pink padlocks

For you, party girl! Wait, what?

Pink batteries

tumblr_npymodlGmz1rvyup9o1_1280 Source: petepetepete.tumblr.com

Oh thank god. We were scared for a second that no one was making pink batteries.

And pink ear plugs

‘Sleep Pretty In Pink’. For your tiny lady ear-holes?

91mt0GqUKqL._SX522SX522_SY269_CR,0,0,522,269_PIbundle-3,TopRight,0,0_SX522_SY269_CR,0,0,522,269_SH20_ Source: Amazon

Nope. We’re done.

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