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It's Friday so here's a slideshow of flamingos from around the world

They’re pink. They stand on one leg. They fly. They have babies.

Image: Wilfredo Lee/AP/Press Association Images

WE’VE OPTED FOR another winged friend in today’s weekly slideshow of squee.

The flamingo.

We didn’t know much about the bird other than it was pink and likes to stand on one leg. But here at TheJournal.ie HQ we like to learn – and to educate. So here are some little-known facts about the flamingo. Happy Friday!

  • The Old World flamingos were considered by the Ancient Egyptians to be the living representation of the god Ra.
  • Ancient Romans thought the tongue of the flamingo was a culinary delicacy. *shudder*
  • The flamingo is the national bird of the Bahamas.
  • Flamingo fat has been called a cure for TB in South America.
  • The creator of those American pink plastic flamingo lawn ornaments Don Featherstone has 57 of them in his front garden. Oh, and him and his wife have been dressing identically for almost 30 years.*

It's Friday so here's a slideshow of flamingos from around the world
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  • Run Run Run

  • Rare Flamingo

  • Newly-hatched Flamingo

  • So cute we had to include it twice

  • Andy the Andean Flamingo

  • Woah

  • In flight

  • Fidel the Flamingto

  • Here comes the bus

  • Big Kiss

  • Double Take

  • Flamingos at Chester Zoo

  • Bahrain Flamingoes

  • City of Rock and Roll

  • Baby Flamingo

  • Baby Flamingo

  • Pretty in Pink

  • Miami Chick

  • Flamingo Chick

  • A beauty

  • While in Germany...

  • Flamingo Chick

  • Flamingo Flight

  • Flamingo Love

  • Polish Flamingos

  • Brrrrrr

  • Getting cosy

  • Watchful eyes

  • Cuddle time

  • Taking a splash

  • Baby Flamingo

  • Flamingos

  • Flamingos

  • Flamingos

  • Flamingos

  • Flamingos

  • Flamingos

  • Flamingos

  • Flamingos

  • Ig Nobels Harvard

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