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Having a pint in the airport before you go on holiday is an essential Irish tradition

And it doesn’t matter what time it is.

LAST WEEK, THERE was talk across the water that UK passengers flying out of their airports could face problems getting themselves a pre-flight drink.

What a travesty that would be.

Luckily, there is no such talk of similar rules being introduced here – because the pre-flight pint is a grand ritual deserving of respect

It’s the start of your holidays, and a pint or two is the best way to distract yourself when you’re waiting around the otherwise grim setting of an Irish airport

It’s also the official klaxon that signifies the end of the everyday slog and the beginning of something better – the switch that turns on holiday mode

The Burger King in Dublin Airport even knows the cultural significance of the pre-holiday scoop

It’s not for everyone, of course.

But for those that partake there’s nothing quite as refreshing

It represents more than just a regular pint, too: It’s freedom, it’s anticipation… it’s delish.

The classic “pint and passport” status across social media might be a little grating

That’s just jealousy though, really.

When it comes down to it, we’d all prefer to be the taker of that particular photo rather than scrolling past it as the rain sheets it down outside.

But you can’t be begrudging them the pint itself – they’re doing nobody any harm

They’re on their holidays, too – live and let live

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Let’s revel in the best Irish holiday tradition of all – and one that deserves to stick around <3

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