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Everyone is talking about this pizza... topped with pizza

Wait. What?

JUST WHEN YOU were thinking pizza couldn’t reach a higher level of deliciousness, some innovator goes and throws down the gauntlet.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York has produced this wondrous creation – a pizza topped with slices of smaller pizzas:


The ‘pizza on pizza slice’ seems to be going down very well

pizzapizza3 Source: Instagram

And, in fairness, looks pretty good

pizzapizza4 Source: Instagram

Not only does it seem to be selling well, but the internet has fallen in love

With everyone wanting to get their hands on a slice

And the conclusion being drawn by many is that we have peaked as a species

Which is hard to argue with, really. Especially when pizza has just been taken to the next level like this.

Keep pushing the boundaries, pizza-makers.

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