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There's now a Sexy Pizza rat costume so you can be a real hero for Halloween

Burn this world.

SO WE’VE BEEN graced with Sexy Donald Trump costume just in time for Halloween. But can it be topped? Of course it can.

If you act now, you too can go to Halloween parties dressed as Sexy Pizza Rat.

Remember Pizza rat? AKA the hero of our generation?


The little rat went viral last month when it was filmed running around the New York subway with a full slice of pizza. Pizza rat is all of us, so now you can actually look like it too.


Made by, the same people responsible for the Sexy Cecil the Lion costume, the pizza rat will set you back €80.

However, we suggest you make your own using a pair of DIY ears and a Domino’s pizza–which you can then eat afterwards.

Win win.

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