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Pizza, lobster and socks from a vending machine. What else would you buy?
You can buy fresh pizza from a vending machine in Dun Laoghaire, but what else would you like at your fingertips?

TODAY WE STUMBLED upon the startling revelation that there is a vending machine in the shopping centre in Dun Laoghaire that makes a pizza right before your eyes.

We were quickly informed that it’s not necessarily a brand new idea, but it got us thinking… what else can you buy from a vending machine, or what would you, dear reader, like to see in one?

  • Lobster? More of a game than a vending machine, The Maine Lobster Game allows customers in bars and restaurants to ‘catch’ their own lobster dinner for a few dollars.

A passenger buys fruit from a vending machine at a subway stationin Shanghai, China. Image: ChinaFotoPress/Photocome/Press Association Images

  • Flowers? What better way to tell someone you love them than… flowers from a vending machine?

Image: Hans Dinkelberg via Flickr/Creative Commons

  • Tommy Lee Jones? Ok, so this machine in Japan may not selling actual Tommy Lee Joneses, but we love it anyway:

Image: Sean in Japan via Flickr/Creative Commons

Now we’re asking – what else would you like to see in a vending machine? And where would you draw the line? Let us know below

Vending machine in Dublin creates pizza from scratch… in 2.5 minutes>