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National Doughnut DAY

11 of the best places to get a doughnut in Dublin on National Doughnut Day

* Homer drool*


In no particular order…

1. Krust

Krust opened recently on George’s Street and do delicious doughnuts and cronuts with great coffee to match.

CE5VrlzWoAA-jIz KrustBakery KrustBakery

2. Tim Hortons

Largely considered the best ‘shop doughnut’, these can be nabbed from all good city Spars.

p1020296 journeytofrance journeytofrance

3. The Rolling Donut

Dublin’s finest doughnut. Get them off the heavenly-smelling stand on O’Connell Street or in the cafe on Aungier Street.

10407195_1068119986537452_3326987670142234392_n The-Rolling-Donut The-Rolling-Donut

4. Antoinette’s Bakery

This bakery on Kevin St Lower bake their dough, AND they’re vegan friendly.

11401251_869654289788003_4744706173379489278_n AntoinettesBakery AntoinettesBakery

5. Dublin Doughnut Co

Stockists include 147 Deli on Parnell Street. Jesus wept, look at them. Try the PBJ and vanilla custard with mascarpone.

CGQAp-UWwAAxZWC Elanor C Elanor C

This honeycomb one is the stuff of dreams.

11136755_851553404934215_1190788289763395803_n DublinDoughnutCo DublinDoughnutCo

6. Green Bench Cafe

The powder will go ALL over your face, but it will be so worth it.

CGAe4tNWEAE5qNg greenbenchcafe greenbenchcafe

7. 3FE

This super coffee spot on Lower Grand Canal St does a SAVAGE boston cream.

CGu15egWQAAyvaN 3FE 3FE

8. Supervalu

Horse one of their good down to earth jam doughnuts into you. You won’t do better.

doughnut3 Supervaluclon Supervaluclon

9. Empire Doughnuts

Get em in Spar on Dame Street, they even come in their own little box!

BDyYlORCcAAu45f Empire Donuts Empire Donuts

10. Mannings Bakery

No better place for a cream doughnut, NONE. Locations on Thomas St, The Square in Tallaght, and Blanchardstown Centre.

l Yelp Yelp

11. The Natural Bakery

Located in Kilmainham, this place is the carb-lovers heaven. Try their mini doughnuts, on the side of a massive chocolate cream one, of course.

american-style-mini-donuts-large Thenaturalbakery Thenaturalbakery

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