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13 places to have a picnic outside the city

Because sandwiches taste way better outdoors.

LISTEN, THE WEATHER isn’t horrible, and it’s supposed to pick up again this week. Stop waiting for the heatwave and escape to the midlands for a picnic.

1. Camaderry, Glendalough, Co. Wicklow

The view of Glendalough from this mountain is the best you can get. It’s also the perfect spot to put down the blanket and mill into the flask of tea.

Glendalough Lower Lake Source: anafuentes

2. Powerscourt Waterfall, Enniskerry, Co Wicklow

If it’s especially nice weather you’ll be able to take a dip in the water, if not, you’ll have a gorgeous view to go with your picnic basket.

Powerscourt Waterfall Source: El Groo

3. Lough Boora, Co Offaly

With amazing wildlife and scenic flora, the lough is the perfect place to rent a bike and make some tracks to build up an appetite. The highest observed air temperature in Ireland was recorded here on June 29, 1976, 32.5c. Who knows… it could happen again.

IMG_5205 Source: Loughboora

4. Clare Glens, Co Tipperary

This wooded area is nestled between Tipp and Limerick and can be a bit rough around the edges. If you want to skip the hike, there’s a lovely designated picnic area and a bunch of swimming locations including The Big Eas.

JK walks on water - Swimming at Clare Glens Source: RedCraig

5. The Phoenix Park, Dublin

OK so it’s technically in a city, but it’s still the best place outside of the hustle and bustle to settle down with a picnic. Park yourself by the Pope’s cross and keep and eye out for the lingering ice cream man.

Phoenix Park - Dublin Source: infomatique

6. Glenveagh National Park, Co Donegal

It’s the second largest national park in the country and it’s simply beautiful. If you aren’t bothered packing your own picnic, the tearooms in the castle courtyard are more than an excellent substitute.

Glenveagh National Park Source: Anna & Michal

7. The Burren, Co Clare

Sure, it’s rocky, but it’s ripe for exploring before you load up with ham sandwiches.

Burren view photomerge Source: EoinGardiner

8. The Ring of Kerry

Of course it had to get a mention. Pretty much any spot you can pull over is perfect to set up camp, but we recommend Ladies View at Molls Gap for a wonderful view of the lakes of  McGillycuddy’s Reeks, the Upper Lake and the Purple mountain range.

Ladies View, Killarney Source: ritesh3

9. Connemara National Park, Co Galway

Connemara National Park, Ireland Source: loekzanders

10. Johnstown Gardens, Co Wexford

The surroundings of Johnstown Castle in Wexford are perfect for a family picnic, with loads of space to run around and a designated picnic area over by the museum.

Johnstown Castle Source: nz_willowherb

11. Garnish Island, Co Cork

One for the romantic couples to run off to. This island has to be accessed by boat, as it’s situated off Bantry Bay, but it’s worth it for the clock tower and Greek temple, and beautiful plants. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some seals.

Italian Garden 01 Source: Moward

12. Massey’s Estate, Co. Dublin

If you’re looking to get out of Dublin but not willing to venture too far, head to Massy’s estate via the Hell Fire Club. Freak out kids with the tale of the devil himself showing up to the card game, while making full use of Massey’s picnic area to ease the pain with Tayto and white bread.

312324_481409801906908_1148091431_n Source: dmpvr

13. Dun naRi Forest Park, Cavan

Just nature, at its best. The Cabra river runs through this tranquil park. It costs a fiver to park, but it’s well worth it.

3001676_41fbd6bb Source: Geograph

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