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Man uses one first-class plane ticket 'to get free food and drink for a year'
He reportedly went into the airline’s VIP lounge for a good feed. More than 300 times.

A VERY SAVVY customer used a single first-class plane ticket to eat and drink for free over an entire year. At least, if you believe a report from China, that’s what happened.

The report begins by explaining that staff at China Eastern Airlines found a strange quirk in the company’s computer records.

One customer’s first-class ticket had been postponed more than 300 times in a year, according to Malaysian news site Kwong Wah Yit Poh.

On investigation, the airline discovered that a man had used the ticket to enter the airline’s VIP lounge at Xi’an airport almost every day – and then had a good feed, plus drink, for free.

When the ticket was about to expire, he simply cancelled it for a full refund.

The airline reportedly told the news site that it was powerless to stop the ‘rare’ practice.

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