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This woman actually created a playschool for adults (and it includes nap time)

Wait. What?

THIS JUST PROVES that you really can start any business you want in New York City – and make it a success. 

Introducing this playschool for adults, where fully grown people come to class in the evening and take part in finger painting, nap time, show and tell and make believe among other playschool activities.

playschool5 Source: Youtube

The class was started by Michelle Joni, and it aims to “inject play, wonder, self-belief, and community into our grown-up lives.”

playschool4 Source: Youtube

A full list of activities available during the class shows that they are really going all-out to create the playschool vibe we all loved when we were 3

playschool Source: michellejoni.com

A video of the playschool shows the, eh, students drawing, playing music and finger-painting

playschool3 Source: michellejoni.com

It doesn’t come cheap, though. The month-long course consists of four night classes (including one slumber party) and one class trip. The price starts at $333 and goes up to $999, depending on what you can pay

playschool2 Source: michellejoni.com

Still, you can wear costumes (as if that wasn’t going to be allowed)

playschool6 Source: Youtube

We feel like this might not take off were to make it all the way to Ireland.

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