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17 photos anyone who grew up playing Playstation 1 will recognise

It’s 20 years ago and you feel old.

IT’S 20 YEARS since the original Playstation was released in Ireland – and it changed childhoods forever.

Anyone that lived on it back then might feel very old now, but prepare yourself for some real nostalgia:

1. The moment you got this was a game changer (literally)

PSX Multi-tap Source: epforums

Ah, the multi tap. You just needed to get extra controllers to make it useful.

2. Cruising around the mansion in Tomb Raider II – always jumping in the swimming pool with the old butler watching on

mansion_tr2_6 Source: tombraiderforums

3. The only way to store your games was this case

gc5035793697485899470 Source: carsales.com

4. When Grand Theft Auto felt like the biggest game ever

gta Source: YouTube

5. The intro screen was always a delight

ps1 Source: YouTube

6. Followed by this

ps2 Source: YouTube

7. When one of your friends got this tiny version everyone was jealous

psone Source: eBay

8. The gun that you used in Point Blank was delish

maxresdefault Source: YouTube

Playing it without the gun was certainly not fun.

9. Blowing on the memory card because it wasn’t reading properly

tumblr_m6wwhghBw21qd5ksbo1_1280 Source: Tumblr

Technical stuff.

10. Being hooked on the reviews in magazines like this

reading Source: Tumblr

How many stars did it get?

11. When Crash Bandicoot started out as your hero

Crash_Bandicoot1 Source: Wikimedia

12. And then you saw him in a whole different light when he got behind the wheel

Screenshot_ctr Source: Wikimedia

Ah, Crash Team Racing.

13. This game was like an even more addictive version of Tetris

2179_front Source: Gamefaqs

Even your mam was partial to a game of Bust-A-Move.

14. The names on ISS Pro were comically wrong

maxresdefault Source: YouTube

But what a game.

15. You played demo discs so much because you couldn’t afford every new game

DSC_0034_27 Source: Retrogamebase

So frustrating, but that didn’t stop you.

16. You were an absolute expert on skateboarding despite never seeing a board in real life

2945054-thps Source: Gamespot

And the TUNES in Tony Hawk were bangers too.

17. And finally… the replays on Gran Turismo were the closest thing you got to high definition

maxresdefault Source: Ytimg

Those were the days.

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