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12 things that could only happen at the Ploughing Championships

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again.

THE NATIONAL PLOUGHING Championships 2015 kicks off today, with thousands of people currently flocking to Co Laois to take it all in.

And what is there to take in? Well, LOADS. Here are 12 of the most Ploughing Championships things that have ever happened.

1. This fine dining stall

Sure we’d be offended if it was anything but Supermacs.

2. And this tent

BVAgJRcCMAAiWWE Source: Twitter/@ireland

Yeah, that’s Irish musical legend Richie Kavanagh. He’s there every year.

3. This crowd gathered behind RTÉ’s Nuala Carey as she tries to do the weather

Irish people: Where there’s a TV camera, we will stare unblinkingly into it.

4. The finalist of the National Brown Bread Baking Competition being congratulated by the Taoiseach

Betty Williams is The Nat Source: Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews.ie

Her name’s Betty Williams, and she makes the best brown bread in Ireland (until the next winner is crowned on Thursday).

5. Ivan Yates artificially inseminating a cow

BU7VRg3CAAITxJZ Source: Twitter/@ireland

He seems to be enjoying that a little more than we’d expect.

6. This ploughing merchandise

#ploughing2014#claaasss#keep#calm#and#plough#on#yesterday#good#day#farmers#life Source: Instagram/leanne_doyle98


7. This tractor made of cheese

Sitting on the cheese trac Source: RollingNews.ie

Courtesy of Rathdaragh Cheese, from the 2013 Ploughing.

8. These selfies

Marty Morrissy baaaiii #legend #gaa #some #boooyy #ploughing2013 #highvis #jacket #cuuurls Source: Instagram/lorrainekelly97

Me and Marty #ploughing2014 #craic #GAA #RTE Source: Instagram/andrewmcdunphy

The greatest man alive MARTY MORRISEY #GAA#MARTY#PLOUGHING2014 Source: Instagram/jordan_bransfield22

Everyone who goes to the Ploughing has to get a selfie with Marty Morrissey. It appears to be the rule.

9. This world record attempt

“Most cups of tea poured in one hour.” Probably the ultimate Irish goal?

10. This photo op

#ploughing2014 Source: Instagram/donnachaclifford


11. These items for sale

#ploughing #ploughing2013 #clocks #hurling #hurls #cool Source: Instagram/mariembakes


12. And this hen do at last year’s championships

We couldn’t think of a better place to have it, TBH.

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