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14 of the most unnecessary things that ever happened

No need at all now.

WELL NONE OF this needed to happen. At all.

1. This drunken taxi ride

47lxkqt Source: Imgur

2. The sewing of this clothes tag

QdcbsXT Source: Imgur

3. This clock that draws the time


JM0p23o Source: Imgur

4. These signs in a confusing shop

zhtPT1H Source: Imgur

5. When these gates were installed

kfm0bow Source: Imgur

6. The frustration the person who made this Smarties dispenser wanted to inflict on the world

xP3LPZo Source: Imgur

7. This packaging. No need

REMV51C Source: Imgur

8. When this warning popped up and everyone palmed their face

10WhMpB Source: Imgur

9. When this cop made the worst entrance possible

6efwptJ Source: Imgur

10. This entirely uncalled for bridge-opening

BX11hr7 Source: Imgur

11. Really? You really needed that?

vEevpLA Source: Imgur

12. And this?

zknZxDn Source: Imgur

13. The building of this bridge

Yqzt4gF Source: Imgur

14. The addition of this little tidbit to Pringles cans

Rw2QwgO Source: Imgur

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