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This politically correct jumper will make sure you offend absolutely no one this holiday season

Mmmm, festive.

IT HAS ARRIVED. The perfect ‘Christmas’ jumper.

Want to do the Twelve Pubs but don’t want to offend? We can’t guarantee your demeanour will allow this after you hit pub 10, but at least your jumper will be safe.

British Christmas Jumpers have fashioned the most PC jumper you’ll have ever seen.

5210A-FRONT-1500 Source: British Christmas Jumpers

The cotton-acrylic jumper features the Christian cross, the Star of David, the yin yan sign, the Hindu Aum, the Islamic crescent, a Christmas tree, and an atom to cover all non-believers. You get get one for just over €50, because you really can’t put a price on acceptance now, can you?


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