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This man survived your worst nightmare at the local pub

There’s a pool table behind you, you may as well lean on it.

GOING FOR A few drinks should not be this stressful.

This guy was having a quiet pint in his local in the UK, when the pool table he thought was there was moved from behind him. Everything went as you would imagine:

Source: Arden Inn/YouTube

There he is leaning against his faithful pool table – it’s never let him down before


In come the maintenance men – they must be doing some much needed work on the pool table to take it away with such care


And now, he is left alone with no pool table to lean on. The inevitable happens


The fact that the pub themselves uploaded the clip from their CCTV cameras would imply that this customer survived the whole ordeal.

If this happened down the local, you would never hear the end of it though. Poor guy.

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