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People are only raging that the Pope definitely hasn't seen Father Ted

He hasn’t watched TV since 1990.

Image: PA IMages

THE POPE ADMITTED today that he hasn’t watched TV in 25 years due to a promise he made to the Virgin Mary.

Listen, if we kept all the promises we’ve made to the Virgin Mary we’d never be able to do anything.

But Pope Francis has kept the vow made in 1990 and hasn’t tuned into the box since Winning Streak started. Can we blame him? Keep in mind Fair City started in 1989…

People just won’t let it lie

It might afford him some new career opportunities though

It kinda explains so much

He’s just playing it cool

Think of all the stuff he missed

The real misfortune though, is that he never got to see Father Ted


He didn’t say he doesn’t watch OTHER devices

He’ll crack eventually

But not before getting caught rapid

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