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So, Cork people watched WAY more porn than usual during Storm Gertude

According to Pornhub.

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OH, THE WEATHER outside is frightful…

Last week, Pornhub released data showing that traffic to the site increased by as much as 25% in some cities during Storm Jonas in the United States.

And as Storm Gertrude battered parts of the country over the weekend, Pornhub decided to see if the bad weather would lead to Irish users consuming more porn.

According to Pornhub, traffic was up in Ireland by 8.6% when compared to normal traffic levels.

And it seems nobody in Cork made any unnecessary journeys during the bad weather with the county experiencing the biggest traffic increase in the country. (10.1%, to be exact.)

pornhub-insights-2016-storm-gertrude-ireland Source: Pornhub

Dublin and Galway experienced traffic increases of 8.6% and 9.3%, respectively.

Dirtbirds. All of yiz.

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