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Here's why the internet went crazy for the 'posh girl' on X Factor


THE X FACTOR returned to our screens last night. And the contestant who caused by FAR the most ruckus on Twitter was Chloe-Jasmine Whichello.

Basically, because she sounded really posh.

Source: TheXFactorUK/YouTube


This caused Twitter to go into meltdown

And it only got worse when two of the other people auditioning started slagging her

But it was this moment that really sealed the deal, when Chloe Jasmine was voted through.

Suddenly, everyone was going mad about asparagus

There was even an Asparagus Remix


That, and the fact that someone remembered that Chloe Jasmine had done loads of reality TV before, and hadnโ€™t been that posh at all.

She was on the third series of the X Factor, wearing a pink cowboy hat.

Source: xfactorsalex/YouTube

As well as modelling show The Face.

Sheโ€™s also done a bit of topless modelling in the past, which naturally went all over the internet.

But frankly we thought she was a bit of a hero. Now, back to the real issue.


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