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Will You Survive This Post-Bank Holiday Fear?

It’s not gonna be easy.

afear Source: Jam Art Prints

IT’S BEEN A long weekend, but it’s gonna be an even longer Tuesday. Will you survive the rest of it?

1. Be honest, how rough was the trip to the bottle bank yesterday evening?
Neil 2 taps Seery
There were bottles everywhere.
Trip? Try trips.

I haven't gone yet.
It was grand, really.
2. Out of the last four (holy holy) nights, how many did you spend on the lash?

Full house
3. Did you do an off licence run in anticipation of Good Friday?
No, how desperate
Of course, I'm not an animal
4. Are the kids back in school yet?
Jesus no.
I don't have any kids

Yes. Thank the Lord.
5. What beverage appeals to you most right now?
6. What does this image do to you?
Makes me gag.
My mouth is watering.
7. Which one of these sentences is correct.
It's only four weeks until the next bank holiday.
It's a whole four weeks until the next bank holiday.

I will never feel human again.
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You'll be fine!
Did you even have some time off at all? You'll be grand, you smug so and so.
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You scored out of !
It's not looking good
You'll just about make it... we hope. Just drink all the uisce and eat all the beige things and you'll be fine.
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You scored out of !
Go home!
You're a mess of Fear and broken promises. Go home before you start crying on the person next to you.
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