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This guy just set up Ireland's very first dedicated poutine place

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AH POUTINE, THE legendary Canadian dish that so many Irish people have fallen in love with has never quite made it to our shores.

Sure, some places have tried their hand at it – but we have never had a dedicated poutinerie in Ireland.

Until now, that is.

Lala Poutine has just been set up in Dublin – and it only makes delicious poutine

poutineoption24 Source: Instagram

For now, it’s a gazebo that will be doing the rounds at festivals and available for hire at private parties.

As anyone who has tried it will know, poutine is a delicious combination of chips, gravy and cheese curds – a French Canadian cheese ball creation that can’t be found in Ireland.

But owner of Lala’s Fred Peretti told DailyEdge.ie that this poutine is the real deal:

We worked hard to get cheese curds – they are very hard to get in Ireland. We sampled so many of them and it took a while to get it right.

Although understandably secretive about the exact methods of curd creation, Fred did reveal that they have used an Irish dairy farmer to supply them with the necessary cheese to perfect the process.

poutine222 Some poutine from Toronto. Source: Instagram

Even though they are just open for business, Lala’s already has plans for a food truck to serve the lunch market in Dublin:

We are looking at the Irish Village Market in a few locations around Dublin. We want to start there from March next year.

Sooner please, Fred.

Fred also didn’t rule out a little late-opening restaurant in Dublin in the future, but the immediate plans appear to be based around the gazebo and food truck.

Just imagine proper poutine in Dublin. Drooool.

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How did the idea come about, then? Well, Fred’s friend was living over Quebec – the spiritual home of poutine in Canada – and they both thought the delish combination would work very well in Ireland:

We thought that it would be perfect for the Irish market. It’s like a comfort food. We use high quality ingredients like and cut, fresh potatoes for the chips.

Sign us up. Bring on the real poutine.

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