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This guy played an elaborate prank on his girlfriend over Whatsapp

Pure evil.

lampe5 Source: Twitter

ELLIE WARD AND her boyfriend Jack live in Essex in the UK and were Whatsapping each other on Sunday night - but it wasn’t exactly a standard conversation.

You see, Jack was playing a prank on her but she didn’t know it at the time – and the gag absolutely exploded on Twitter when Ellie put it up.

He started off with a startling accusation

lampe1 Source: Twitter

The tension started to rise as Ellie didn’t know WHAT he was on about

lampe2 Source: Twitter

Then Jack said he had a picture of Cheggy, surely he wasn’t going to present some outrageous evidence over Whatsapp?

lampe3 Source: Twitter

But then Jack delivered the punch line

lampe4 Source: Twitter

He’d played the long game on this one, but was it too far?

But Ellie saw the funny side, and since she put it on Twitter it’s been retweeted over 11,000 times

Scott Chegg has now taken over the internet

So cruel, but it features a decent level of punning as well.

Nobody knows what to think.

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