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Zuckerberg hugging his girlfriend. Gawker

Privacy? Maybe Mark Zuckerberg will want some now

The Facebook founder finds out what privacy really means

HE’S THE BILLIONAIRE founder of Facebook. At 26 Mark Zuckerberg has earned billions allowing people to post their pictures and document their innermost thoughts online – but now he’s receiving a taste of his own medicine.

Leading US website Gawker decided to put Mark Zuckerberg’s thoughts on privacy to the test, following him from his home in and around Silicon Valley for a day.

Gawker’s photographer Nick Stern spent a full day trailing Zuckerberg, snapping him outside a California bar, outside his modest terrace house, going to Chinese lessons and hugging his girlfriend Priscilla Chan.

Gawker justified its paparazzi tactics saying:

“If it feels a little naughty to take such a close look into Zuckerberg’s life, remember that this is the executive who pushed the private information of Facebook’s hundreds of millions of users progressively further into the public sphere. Facebook turned users’ friends lists into public information; it asked them to either publicize their likes and interests or delete such information entirely; it removed the option to conceal their profile photos; Facebook even let some partner websites tap into profiles without asking.”

Only this week Facebook came under pressure after a security expert published the names and user IDs of over 100m users. Today The Telegraph’s Milo Yiannopoulos, former contributing editor to TechCrunch asks the question: “Is this the death of privacy?