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12 struggles only Irish motorists will understand

Beep beeeep.

BEING A DRIVER in Ireland is no easy task. It brings up a WEALTH of new first-world problems.

1. Keeping a car basically costs your entire life savings, per month

Just when everything is perfect, you break down on the side of the M50. That’ll be €600, please… and don’t forget that your tax is up next month.


2. That constant game of chicken with the petrol meter

The cheapest fuel is in the Amber garage 20 miles away and DAMMIT YOU WILL GET THERE.


3. Thinking you can get into the tightest spot known to man

Free street parking on Sunday bitches, you got this.

IMG_1409 (Custom) Source: Markswatzell

4. The panic of coming across one of these


checkpoint-6-630x417 Source: An Garda Síochána

5. Or this

Even though you’re always under the limit, this will still put the fear of God in you.

8899709661_97b20147fa_h-630x472 Source: An Garda Siochana

6. The stress of coordinating a safe turn while simultaneously thanking the person who let you out

You don’t want the thanks to be so brief that it’s unseen, but you’re trying to drive here.

wave Source: BlogSpot

7. The lonely task of sitting in the NCT centre awaiting your fate

Not since the Leaving Cert have you felt so certain of failure.

l Source: Quentin D, Yelp

8. Navigating the ridiculous limits on country roads

ire_80kmh Source: Dave Foster

Meanwhile, in Dublin, a decent sized road in great condition is capped at 30.

9. Having to stick these eyesores on your car when you’re starting off

Is the L for loser, and N for neeeeerd?

maxresdefault Source: YouTube

1516 Source: pasalamano

10. Dealing with directions like this


way-4-630x472 Source: Thejournal

11. Feeling crushing guilt whenever you’re red on one of these

aday Source: pwssigns


12. The Motor Tax office is your own personal hell

Yours and yours alone.

photo 2 (1) Source: John Brady SF

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