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6 things you should really stop putting off

After you read this article, of course.

DO YOU PUT the “pro” in “procrastinate”?

We bet you do. After all, why put off today what can be put off tomorrow?

That said, while we’re with you on the malingering for most things, there are some things in life that you should really just get sorted ASAP.

1. Going to bed instead of watching your stories

Just one more episode. Just ONE more episode. Oh, wait, it’s 5am and you’ve to be up for work in two hours. Weep. (Just one more episode.)

Source: Lulez

Source: For the love of Dog

2. Getting petrol

There’s a world of difference between skating into the petrol station forecourt on fumes and getting stuck in the middle of the dual carriageway. Knowing your luck, your ex would drive by and see you as you trudged along with your petrol can. Nightmare.

Source: Flickr/Josh Hallett

3. Putting out the bins

Let’s face it: those bins smell and you are almost certainly not doing anything more important.

Source: invisiblebread.com

4. Getting off Facebook

You’ve gone all the way back to tagged photos from 2008 of a guy you met inter-railing eight years ago. It’s time to log off.

Source: Statusclone

5. Putting together that flat pack

You had such high hopes for that bedside dresser, but the box has been gathering dust for months now. You just can’t face the Allen keys. It’s OK. Maybe next weekend.

Source: imgfave

6. Getting up

This is the most basic, and yet somehow the most difficult. Pressing snooze on your alarm isn’t just a mistake you make every day – it’s a way of life.

Source: Reddit

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