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This lovely professor looked after a single mum's kids while she took an exam

Dr Krebs is the internet’s latest hero.

A LOVELY PHOTO of a university professor looking after a student’s two kids while she took an exam is going viral.

12321283_1051206184902900_4627022111635441041_n Source: Victoria Henry

Single mum of two Monica Romero had a military history exam to take when her babysitter cancelled on her last minute. The exam was a final in order to receive her bachelor’s degree from the University of Louisville.

When she had no option but to take them to school with her and leave them in the hall, her professor Dr Daniel Krebs stepped in to keep them entertained.

The mum’s friend Victoria Henry later posted a photo to Facebook, saying

Witnessed one of the most caring gestures of my college career tonight. As a friend of mine was preparing to take our final exam for military history, her babysitter canceled on her. I suggested she just bring them and have them play on their tablet in the hall rather than skipping the exam. After just a few minutes of the kids playing loudly, the professor went to the hall and simply started to play with them to keep them occupied while their mom took the final.
Such a kind and caring act committed when the reaction could have been the complete opposite. My heart is warm tonight. Tis the season.

Romero told Buzzfeed that she had moved from South Korea to Kentucky over the summer, after serving there in the army.

10313992_10206762413011495_1516545400432780943_n Source: Monica Romero

She said she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to concentrate on doing the exam with her two kids out in the hall. Her young son soon knocked on the door so she went out to placate him. When she noticed Dr Krebs approaching them she thought he was going to ask her to leave.

Instead, he said:

Go take your test. I’ll take care of this.

Romero said she was delighted the photo was circulating among ‘so much negativity going on’.

He’s a really great teacher and it was just a genuine act of kindness. I’m just really grateful for it.

Romero is now well on her way to getting that bachelor degree and becoming an Army officer.

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