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14 weekend transport struggles every student will understand

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EVERY WEEKEND, STUDENTS from around the country board buses, coaches and trains in an effort to make the round trip from college to home.

It’s a treacherous trip and not for the faint of heart.

You will have to deal with…

1. Mentally preparing yourself for a four-hour bus journey and feeling nothing but dread.

2. Having to fight your way through the hopelessly disorganised queue forming outside the bus.

giphy (8) Source: makeyourownphilosophy/Tumblr

3. And being forced to deal with this nonsense as you scour the bus/train for a seat.

4. Exchanging fake hellos with people you haven’t seen since secondary school.

giphy (9) Source: rooneymara/Tumblr

What you say: “Heya! How are you getting on?”

What you’re thinking: “Please God, don’t sit here.”

5. Neglecting to bring your headphones and being at the mercy of the driver.

6. Having to deal with unpredictable Wi-Fi courtesy of Bus Eireann.

7. The pain of boarding a bus with an extreme hangover.

8. The scramble to squeeze your bags into the luggage compartment, while this plays ad infinitum.

Source: uzi1979/YouTube


10. Standing on a train for several hours.

11. Discovering midway through the journey that it isn’t a direct service.

giphy (11) Source: Giphy

12. Sitting on a roasting hot bus and being unable to cope with the heat.

giphy (12) Source: Ruined Childhood

13. Or conversely, freezing to death under the air conditioner.

frz Source: Reaction GIFs

12. And as if all that wasn’t bad enough, even the tickets make you feel inadequate.

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