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8 reasons why the Purple Snack is the ultimate Irish treat

‘Tis lovely!

LAST WEEK, WHEN we posted a controversial hierarchy of Irish chocolate bars, there was indignation that the Purple Snack was ranked in mid-tier.

Queue to board my flight before it's been called? Not me. I'm just gonna kick back with a #PurpleSnack #NoFool #MuchNeededEnergy #MightWasteAway #Sitting Instagram / mona_lisa_saperstein Instagram / mona_lisa_saperstein / mona_lisa_saperstein

Some of us and towers also thought that the Purple Snack was misrepresented – and Purple Snack, if you wouldn’t mind, we’d like to make it up to you. You are beautiful and we love you. Here’s why.

1. Dairy Milk chocolate just tastes better wrapped around a nice biscuit

Finally found a stockist of purple snack bars in Belfast. Thanks to @corey92d and @rebecca_hanratty for their support during that difficult time previous to this discovery. Instagram / rachaeligstoomuch Instagram / rachaeligstoomuch / rachaeligstoomuch

2. And even on the rare occasion you get a biscuitless Snack, it’s still top notch

3. It’s probably the ultimate accompaniment to a cup of tea

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Biscuits are nice. Pastries are great. But wouldn’t you trade them both for a Purple Snack?

4. Or a post-lunch treat

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It’s so much smaller than an actual bar of chocolate, so you’re actually making healthy choices!

5. Nibbling all the chocolate off first prolongs the joy

And doing it without breaking the biscuit is a real skill that you SHOULD be able to put on your CV.

6. But sometimes you have to just horse straight into it

BdpFaRCIMAAs1CZ Twitter / @dfeehely Twitter / @dfeehely / @dfeehely

7. A 12-pack is the most beautiful sight you can see upon opening a kitchen press

8. And you are absolutely right, Cadbury. ‘Tis lovely

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