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11 facts of life quiet people will instantly recognise

You speak at a normal volume while everyone else SHOUTS.

SCIENCE HAS ALREADY proven that the people that talk less tend to be more intelligent - but there is more to the lives of quiet people than just intellectual brilliance:

1. Conversations at loud parties will not be happening

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Dancing and having the craic is all well and good, but when someone roars over somethingc to you?


2. The quiet ones are the most observant one in your group of friends

While everyone else is roaring around the place, you can actually take in what’s going on.

3. Everyone thinks of you as a good listener

Lenny-Listening-The-Simpsons Source: Gifrific

You might actually hate listening and just want silence.

4. Being in a loud pub makes everything worse

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The loud people are raising their voices EVEN higher than before. This is a no win situation.

5. Strangers genuinely think you have nothing to say

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But your friends know that you’re great craic.

6. But then they realise after a while that you talk loads

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You just don’t shout in groups.

7. Pitching into group conversations just isn’t your thing

awkward Source: Elitedaily

8. You laugh to yourself all the time

107299-Jim-Carrey-laughing-gif-Imgur-E6wq Source: Pandawhale

And people are thinking “what are they laughing about?”

9. Small talk just isn’t for you

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Some people are great at it, but you’d probably prefer silence to endless chatter about the weather.

10. Somebody will have said “it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for” at some stage in your life

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11. You tend not to say stupid things in public all that often


The perks of being the quiet one extend to not getting in stupid arguments with people that you will regret.

Truly, the quiet ones are winning.

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