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# World Cup 2014
Two Radio Nova presenters ate stomach-turning World Cup smoothies and filmed their reactions
Ew. Eweweweweww.

Nova Nova

JOAN LEA AND Marty Miller are the presenters of the breakfast show on Dublin’s Radio Nova.

They decided to taste the national dishes of many of the countries involved in the World Cup, in what they called “a scientific experiment to find who’s going to win”.

However – this being breakfast radio – they chose to blitz the dishes of all the countries in each group together in a blender, before tasting the results.

The results were disgusting.

Group G - Portugal, the USA, Ghana and Germany

Ingredients: Piri Piri sardines, a microwave cheeseburger, lemon cheesecake, a can of Coke, sweet potato and butternut squash, and some sauerkraut.


Group E - France, Switzerland, Ecuador, Honduras

Ingredients: Custard and strawberry tart, Dijon mustard; Swiss cheese; Ecuadorean dark chocolate; prawns with chilli.


Group C - Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan

Ingredients: Coffee, tzatziki, pineapple, sushi and wasabi


Group A - Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon

Ingredients: Grapefruit, Croatian ham, tequila (and a worm), jalapenos, bean salad.


Ultimately, we can draw several conclusions from this process.

  1. Group C has the best-tasting smoothie, but is still disgusting
  2. We are no closer to knowing who’ll win the World Cup.
  3. You should never be a breakfast radio presenter.

You can watch the full videos here.

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