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This radio station had the greatest response to the One Direction hiatus

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THE ONE DIRECTION hiatus news is causing tears to flow all over the world this week. Directioners aren’t accepting people telling them to ‘calm down, it’s just a hiatus, they’ll be back’.

The guys launched their fragrance 'Between Us' today! What do you think of the ad? #1DFragrance Source: onedirection


One radio station who definitely don’t play One Direction tunes, is Classic FM. The classical music station based in London put up a news item about the band’s break for a year. Entitled ‘The One Direction split – everything you need to know’, the article doesn’t tell us ANYTHING we need to know.

The subhead says:

Really, don’t worry about it. Here’s a magnificent Mahler Symphony.

awhatttt Source: ClassicFM


How are Directioners taking it? Well, hopefully not as bad as the Classic FM listeners who didn’t even bother to click into the article on Facebook.




Let’s all calm down and listen to an hour and seventeen minutes of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No 7 in E minor.

Source: denis obitotskiy/YouTube

One Direction might be breaking up and some people aren’t taking it well>

Why are people pretending not to know who One Direction are?>

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