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7 ways Ireland's weather can ruin your life

Complaining about the rain? Us?

Umbrellas: friend or foe?
Umbrellas: friend or foe?
Image: erix! via Flickr

SO, THE WEATHER recently. It’s been… emotional.

After three days of more-or-less solid rain, Ireland is towelling itself down and fixing a hot cup of tea this morning. (And just maybe having a little chuckle as the rain heads to Britain.)

But our shoes are soaked. Our umbrellas are ruined. And our national love of complaining is turned up to 11.

Here are 7 ways Ireland’s weather can ruin your life:

7 ways Ireland's weather can ruin your life
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  • Ruining Your Hair

  • Preventing You Getting To Starbucks

  • Failing To Nullify Other People's Farts

  • Causing You To Make Unfortunate Decisions

  • Getting You Called A 'Pansy Continental' By This Guy

  • This

  • And This... Actually, This Is Really Your Own Fault

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